Opportunities And Challenges In The Manufacturing Units Of Unorganized Sector In India

Author: Sudaxina Das1*

1M.A. in Economics, Dibrugarh University, Assam, India
*Corresponding author: sudaxinadas77@gmail.com


AbstractThe present paper aims in bringing forth, the challenges and opportunities faced by the manufacturing units of the unorganized or informal sector. The manufacturing sector can be divided into both- organized and unorganized sectors. But both of these sectors vary in terms of employment opportunities, business volume, the technology used, and even the contribution towards the national income. The unorganized sector lacks a well-defined structure and usually, is enterprises owned by self-employed labourers or individuals, which are engaged in the production of goods and services in an economy. Also, there are various categories of workers in this unorganized manufacturing sector or class as well. These labourers work in the presence of a wide range of opportunities and challenges existent in this sector. This sector has over 50% share of labours in the Indian economy. This leads to the formation of the manufacturing sector’s own set of opportunities and challenges in the nation. The development of this sector has a direct connection with the betterment of a wide range of populations. But during their functioning, the manufacturing units in this sector are restricted by several obstacles and difficulties in the nation that needs to be worked upon. Though the government of India has implemented many initiatives to push the manufacturing units of the unorganized sector, the nation needs more powerful approaches and proper monitoring to uplift the condition of this sector. This paper attempts to reflect on the opportunities and also the importance of this sector, along with the challenges or constraints that it goes through. Moreover, discussing the probable solutions that can tackle the limitations effectively throughout the paper

Manufacturing, Unorganized sector, Unorganized Labours, Employment

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